Friday, April 29, 2011

Am I crazy?

The short answer...YES! I was up at 5 am this morning to watch (in the entirety) the Royal Wedding! Don't worry, the rest is being safely DVR'd throughout the day (TG for technology).

A few comments:
-Prince William and I are the same age. I was sure I was destined to marry him when I was younger because of this.

-Sadly, I am not going to be the Queen of England

-On a happier note, I think William and I did pretty well for ourselves!

-Kate Middleton is GORGEOUS. Her dress, her hair=color me jealous

I know its ridiculous hoopla, but I can't help but love this stuff! I am just smiling all day.

Another reason I am smiling? Because this wonderful wedding (above) was four years ago yesterday. Happy Anniversary to my sweet (patient) husband! I can't imagine navigating life with anyone else (even Prince William-ha!)

A few exciting happenings:

This is delayed, but my former roomie, Sarah, is ENGAGED! You all, no one deserves happiness like this girl and she found her own form of a prince in Alex. They are a fun, down to earth and amazing couple. They are getting married in August and I know she will take my breath away in her gorgeous bridal wear.

Laura and her hubby, Matt, welcomed baby H into the world yesterday. Congrats, guys! Can't wait to meet him. You will both be wonderful parents! Isn't he a handsome guy!? I am so excited he was born on our anniversary and will always remember his birthday!

Well, all in all, I have to say this Friday is going to be a great day. The sun is shining (Praise the Lord!), I have 2 bachelorette parties for 2 of my besties this weekend and next weekend is Derby. Welcome, May- I am so excited for you!

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Little Stealing Post

I love the Webb blog. Rachel is so funny and I just love her random, funny musings. Today, I will copy her and give you:

28 random things you probably didn't (and still may wish you didn't-ha) know about me:

28. I always set my alarm clock on random times. For instance, I currently have it go off at 5:47 am. This drives my husband insane- as he's a every quarter hour alarm guy.
27. The only amusement park I have ever been to was Disney when I was 5. I don't remember it.
26. I am so fearful of heights that I cannot climb a ladder without my legs shaking. Even step ladders. Sad. Good thing the hubs is 6'2"- I married smart.
25. I rarely eat leftovers. I just don't like them. I try, and fail, to do this weekly.
24. Background: My parents weren't churchgoers. I always wanted to go to fit in. We always went on Christmas. I even played in the sunrise service band (flute) at Easter. I distinctly remember a boy (from my class) tell me "he didn't know why we were there and that we only came for the food." That stuck with me and led to a disdain for all religion through the remainder of middle/high school and college. Once I met JM, I started back at church and realized that this person (who is what I would now deam "a religious nut") was not a Christian and that I am glad to finally be in a better spirtual place.
23. I was baptized at age 23 :-)
22. I sing Baby J all the many songs I learned at girl scout camp. He loves them and I love the memories.
21. I grew up with a river as my backyard. Literally, walk out the backdoor, past the office (a renovated guesthouse) and you were on a dock. I loved it and wish I could get back more often.
20. My hometown has like 600 people in it. No, I didn't know everyone, but there were those "elite" families. Ironically, the "elite" families would not be so "elite" in Lexington. That sort of brings me satisfaction (I know, I know).
19. I met my hubs in college, through a friend. She dated one his besties for years, but it wasn't until they were through that we got together. Years later, she's not my close friend, but her former bf is. We love him...even though I found out years later that JM thought I was cute, but his friend told him I "had" a lot of dudes, so he never asked me out. Awesome...can't wait to share that with baby J- ha.
18. I often put my foot in my mouth and am constantly saying inappropriate things for whatever social situation I am in. I can't help myself.
17. When I was in middle school, I wanted to have twins. I was going to name them: Zabobbaloo and Zaloobaba. Seriously!?
16. I am the first person (according to the DMV instructor) to actually cry AND hyperventilate BEFORE my driving test. He actually told me if I didn't calm down he would fail me before we started. I calmed, passed and promptly drove away...on the wrong side of the road. Doh!
15. I am on a billboard in my 16 yr old self in a bikini
14. I used to drive a boat to my first job. I was 15, couldn't get a license, but could legally drive a boat.
13. I use dry shampoo on an almost daily basis. I loathe showering. Again, my hubs HATES this about me :-) The new Tresseme line has totally saved me from shelling out the $20 for Oscar Blandi. Does it work better? No, but it is like 2/3 less money.
12. I have hardly any body hair. I do not grow hair under my armpits and shave my legs like once a month. Call me blessed- I know how lucky I am!
11. I am a super aggressive person, but don't really like confrontation. I seriously had a meltdown and couldn't sleep the other night because I had to tell my babysitter that I didn't like for her to give sweets (cookies, ice cream, etc) to baby J. I am the epitomy of an oxymoron.
10. I have a toe that is "lazy" and sits on the one next to it. We call it my "tardy" toe and it is a frequent convo topic. I will say, it makes wearing some flats impossible and can be a little uncomfortable. I don't want to get it fixed, though, because the recovery is like 6 weeks.
9. I didn't walk until I was 18 months. I saved talking until I was 3 1/ mom says I haven't stopped since :-)
8. I love musicals. I know every word to Evita and Moulin Rouge...and probably any other musical that exists. I love, love, love Newsies!
7. I have a weird gift for memorizing numbers. I remember most everyone in my phone's numbers (without having to look) and even my college roomie's social that I memorized in case I was busted using her fake ID. Ha! What sucks is, I can't remember to get milk or eggs at the store. Ironic.
6. I had a huge crush on this guy I grew up with. Like I am talking K-12, totally thought we would get married. Never really spoke to him, but still, thought he was the bees knees. Flash forward to current times. He is an acutuary scientist (sp?) and works at an insurance company. Dud. Probably makes good money, but totally not my type. Oh...and his looks faded with age. :-)
5. My senior pictures had my braces airbrushed out of them. I was 16 when I got them, 6 clear brackets (on front) and the rest metal. I was the epitomy of cool.
4. I had a retainer with a tooth on it my freshman year of college. I have since had an implant put in, but that year of the retainer proved to be humbling: Digging through trash in the commons for that dang thing, losing it while talking to a guy, getting food stuck in it when I was too embarrased to take it out...sigh. Memories.
3. I can count my close girlfriends on one hand. I have a lot of "friends" but those close ones who see the real me are few and far between. I am pretty guarded.
2. I love taco dip. Obsession. The Red Owl in Weyauwega, WI makes the best. Sweet Melissa can attest to that.
1. I firmly believe in the 10 second rule for food. This leads to many an embarrasing moment.

And now...its your turn! Tell me about you. I probably stalk you and you don't even know it.

Bwaa haa haa haa


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bring on Summer!

We are tipping our hats and bidding adieu to winter!

Come on mother nature- we are ready for SUMMER!

Who could say no to that face!?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Justice Served- on VDay

If anyone remembers my post regarding my run in with the law in November, I am happy to report that:
1. My $150 fine has been paid
2. My one hour traffic class (including videos of accidents, etc) attended
3. My 4 hours of community service- completed!

I don't know if anyone is familiar with Ronald McDonald House, but as a mom, it is so a place that is near and dear to my heart (that I am so THANKFUL to God that I have not had to utilize). When thinking of where to complete my community service, this was a total no-brainer. At the Lexington RMH, they have a need for home cooked meals served to the families staying there. This seemed to be a great way to give back (and, not being completely selfless- pay my debt to the law- ha).

Any sorority girl can attest, philanthropy is a huge part of being a member. What can I say, once a sorority girl- ALWAYS a sorority girl. I sent messages to my sweet sisters and a plan was hatched...but the only day open was Valentine's day. I didn't think anyone would want to help, but I decided to include the hubs and luckily- had some sweet sisters who were free and willing to help out!

4 hours, 13 lbs of hamburger, 13 packages of Spanish Rice, 4 HUGE cans of refried beans, 48 tomatoes, 5 lbs of lettuce, 5 lbs of sour cream, 2 lbs of salsa, 9 lb of tortilla chips and 80 chocolate chip cookies later- dinner for 60 was served. Whew!

I would love to thank Jess (and her sweet hubby Hays- oh! and our precious, Brady- due in ONE MONTH!) and the adorably darling Alicia for helping a sister out! Both of these amazing girls gave up a Valentine's Day on the town to help JM and I cook.

Now, not to get all gushy and bearing in mind that I did have a selfish alterior motive (community service)- I would highly recommend doing something like this on Vday. Chocolates and flowers are nice-and spending $150 on groceries for someone else's dinner isn't totally romantic- but the sadness these people are going through BREAKS MY HEART.

So, in 2012 when Valentine's is knocking at the door- think of those years past when you were crying into your conversation hearts over your crappy single life, wishing for a date; going out with girlfriends declaring you "hate" Vday, but secretly wishing your crush would ask you out; spending a ton of money on presents for you and your guy, only regretting it when your electric bill comes later that month- and do something that will give you some good karma for the entire year (depending on how sassy you are- I am probably good for Feb only (and the month's half over)- ha!).

My moral, no matter how ineloquent, is this: Volunteer more- it feels good. And don't get a ticket for running a stop sign when you have an open container in the car. See? Ineloquent.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammys LIVE

As I sit here with JM watching the Grammy awards, I wanted to comment on a few things (note, if you didn't watch the Grammy's some of this won't make sense):

-Christina A looks like she gained weight. But, next to all the other girls- she is still tiny. That makes me feel bad
- Jennifer Hudson looks amazing
-Florence from whoever is really pale. I need to spray tan.
-Has anyone noticed that 1 hour into the Grammy's only 2 awards have been given? Holy live performance!
-My husband knows all the words to Muse. And played air guitar. Hilarious.
-SOOOO excited for Miranda Lambert. I love her!
-I have loved Blake Shelton for years. He is totally my soulmate (sorry, JM)- ha!
- Carrie Underwood isn't at the Grammy's? Sorry, but maybe Pink lou lou's rumor is true and she's pregs? :-)
-Justin Bieber is so cute...and now I feel like a pediphile.
-I can't help but dislike LeAnn Rimes now. I'm sorry for those who like her (do they exist?)
-Is that Will Smith's son?
-At least the Biebs and Smith's song is better than the whip your hair from willy's daughter.
-Anyone remember how amazing Usher's first album was? I can seriously repeat every word to "Nice and Slow."
-OMG indeed. Usher is pretty hot. Scratch that, close up of his sweaty, panting self= yick
-I love Paramore, but who is she presenting with? Random
-Now that Muse just won (Yep, that's a total 3 in 75 minutes), I believe you have to perform to win.
-Lead singer of Muse looks a bit like a mouse
-The green dress with the music note=disaster. I am all for making a statement, but seriously, you are on national tv and bad outfits will come back to haunt for...well, ever.
-I am so excited for Enimem (did I spell that right?)
-M&Ms sound really good right now
-I should have went for a jog today
- how GORGEOUS does Kelly Osbourne look? I love that she is on fashion Police now.
-Does Lady gaga have prosthetics in her shoulders? and her forehead? AND What is she wearing?
-Lady Gaga wins- yep, you have to perform to win.
-I love top 10 lists. Lindsey Lohan seen leaving Staples Center with grammy shaped bulge- ha!
-Lady Antegagum- hilarious!
-Who's this guy performing? He's hot- even JM thinks so. Averitt Brothers?
-Lady Antebellum wins...right after performing. Trend alert!
-Cee Lo? Gwyneth singing? with Muppets? Huh? Do I have sesame street on by mistake?

Ok- enough is enough. I am back off to finish watching the only show that JM and I agree to watch together (seriously!)...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finally Friday! (OK, so I started it on Wednesday)

Today, I just want to take a second to take a deep breath and comment on a few things going on in my life. Oh, and FYI, this list shall be shallow and random, because, well, its my blog and its also the mood I am in.

I am so thankful for some new jeans I just bought. They have a tummy panel AND no, lie, I look like 10 pounds thinner. AND I got them at....drumroll, please.......Sam's Club. So not a typo- seriously, Sam's Club. For $15. And again, they look really good.

Where the heck is summer!? It sooooo should be coming this way soon. Although I am not so thankful for my arm jiggle that makes me notwanttoweartanktopsoranyarmshowingshirts , alas, I am just going to focus on warmer weather.

Can I get a woop woop for shallow (at times!) friends, who I can call, gossip and be able to talk about how good I think I look in aforementioned jeans.

I am so very thankful that my hair is back to a more au natural color. Ok, so maybe not so thankful, but my wallet (and hubby!) is happy with no more monthly hair dye salon sessions.

I love Hershey's Hugs. Like I have a problem love. So thankful Mom bought me a bag when she came to town for J's b-day- thanks, Mom!

I still get carded everywhere I go. Like, straight up, they don't believe I am 21. Married. With a baby. I don't care if they card everyone under 40- this makes me feel phenomenal.

I am so thankful not to be a teen mom. That being said, I am thankful teen mom 2 is on. So sad, but so addicting.

I am so glad that others blog more regularly than me. I love to snoop around because I LOVE anonymous gossip. However, I just don't always have the time to devote to blogging reguarly. And I'm ok with that. For now :-)

I love that Bridget Jones was made. I think I am like 99.9% like her. I know she's a made up character, but, if anyone has met me IRL, I am pretty sure you agree that we have way to much in common. I am thankful that I am not the only person who constantly puts my foot in my mouth, dresses (at times) a bit inappropriate for my weight and swears like a sailor (so I am TOTALLY working on this. I don't direct it at people. Sigh, judge away- I know its bad!).

I am going to join Fitness 19 I think. I would be ohsoohsoexcited to lose multiple pounds and look good before squeezing into a bridesmaid dress in June alongside perhaps the smallest wedding party that has ever existed. I am totally going to be the "token" fat girl. Ack. Can you believe that the 6 months PREGNANT Maid of Honor was complaining about her size 2 dress!? Seriously!? I am not even publishing the size I ordered. Except that it is 3 sizes larger than my current jean size and I cried in the dressing room and on the phone to my friend immediately after learning of the size. And, then I went to lunch with a 9 months pregnant friend. Which made me feel a lot better....I know that's horrible, but its the truth!

I am so fricking excited its Friday because:
The CATS play tomorrow
I get 2 full days to spend with my sweet boy(s)
Valentine's Day is Monday
It means one day closer to SUMMER!

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

365 days ago...

365 days ago, I was giving birth to the most amazing little boy...

363 Days we were headed home and didn't have any idea what to expect.

One year later.....

We made it! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. This morning, I got up to make pancakes to celebrate such a big milestone. J was so excited- he LOVES pancakes.

I want to remember so badly:
I have to download the pics, but this morning, I leaned my head close to J's face (he was in his high chair) to get a pic of the two of us. He would not look at the camera, but instead, placed his little hand on the side of my face and just smiled and looked at me. I am ready to blubber again just thinking about it. Thank you, God, for this moment. I will carry it in my heart always.

On a sad note, this sweet memory stabs at my heart when I read about sweet Little Kate McRae. She is so little and had an MRI that showed her cancer (aggressive brain) seems to be back. Please let's all just give a little prayer for her and her family today.

Things like that make me truly thank the Lord for each day I have with my sweet little man. Although turning one has been bittersweet for me, there are many who don't get to experience that. That alone will make me hug J a little tighter, watch him sleep a little longer, laugh harder at the little things and just let go to praise and appreciate this life God has chosen to give me.

Happy Birthday, J. Your dad and I love you so, so much and I am the greater for it.